Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Connectivism Mindmap

        My network has taken me from the realm of independent learner to collaborator and contributor.  It's much less demanding and tedious when you can pull from a pool of knowledge versus simply relying on what you, alone, know and understand.  This in turn, deepens my understanding because I have such a wealth of knowledge at my access.

        At home, I'm constantly connected by either my smartphone or IPad.  I also have my Kindle app downloaded to both and use it tremendously because I find that I read faster using my Kindle or eReader app than I do a physical text.  Being that I'm a visual learner, colorful graphic organizers help me as well, as do videos. 

        Now, when I have questions, I ask questions.  If I'm at work, I'll first ask my team leader and team members.  I'll also go to my administration if I have a question specifically for them.  I also rely on my organizational ties, such as the National Council for Teachers if English (NCTE), Aiken Council of the International Reading Association (ACIRA), Simple K12, Education Technology News, TES, Share My Lesson, and my new favorite, Teachers Pay Teachers.  I then take what I've learned and apply it in my classroom.  When I am at home and I come across a subject I'm interested in, first I'll either use Google or Bing to locate information.  If there is Wikipedia entry, I'll read that first and use the hyperlinks within the entry to further my understanding.  By the time I'm done, I've usually read four-five different resources on the topic.  Afterwards, I usually end of sharing what I've learned with my family and friends.  

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